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Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Using heat sensor technology monitored via Wifi.

Do Not Panic!

Extreme Bed Bug Control

Noticing an insect in your bedroom can cause people to panic and automatically assume that they have bed bugs. This may not be the case so do not panic and rush into hiring a pest control company to remove them. It may not be bed bugs.

Choosing a reputable company that specialise in the removal of bed bugs and other insects will mean that any problem is correctly identified first so that the correct treatment can be used to ensure it is properly removed.

If you do have bed bugs, waiting to get the correct diagnosis for a day or two is not going to escalate the infestation, they will not multiply into thousands in that space of time. People panic and get quotes over the phone from companies that do not know the layout of the property and what is involved to treat it correctly, especially if they are going to use insecticides, do they know the individuals health status when using pesticides.

We will always perform an inspection of your property before any heat treatment is performed so that we can understand the layout of your property and ensure every area is treated correctly to guarantee the eradication of the problem.

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Chemical Free Heat Treatment

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What to look For

Extreme Bed Bug Control

It can be difficult to identify bed bugs, they remain hidden away in the day time. The first sign that you may have bed bugs is normally the appearance of bites.

There are some things you can check:

  • Dark Stains - These will be in small patches on the mattress and surrounding areas
  • Small Dark Spots - Blood spots on your bedding
  • Smell - In some case you will be able to smell an unpleasant, sweet, sticky scent
  • Live Bed Bugs - Adults are 4-5mm long which is big enough to see, check the bed, headboard, furniture and skirting board with a torch.

How We Work

Extreme Bed Bug Control

From the initial phone call we need to book a full inspection of your property to ensure we have the required information about your property which will allow us to understand the best way to treat the problem. This also allows us to step through our checklist of recommendations that we can offer you.

If you are happy for us to perform the treatment we will arrange a date and time suitable for us to perform the work.

Treatment can take anything between 4 - 12 hours depending on the property. We recommend that residents do not enter until temperatures have cooled to at least 85°F which we will monitor for you.

We recommend that clients stay out of the property for 24 hours, from start to finish, then return to a fresh insect free home.

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Extreme Bed Bug Control

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