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Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Using heat sensor technology monitored via Wifi.

How to Prepare Your Property

Extreme Bed Bug Control

Before we can start heat treatment at your property there are some preparations that need to be completed. These will ensure the treatment is 100% effective and your property is safe.

This page provides all the information needed to ensure the correct preparation is completed.

Items That Need Removing

The following items cannot be in the property while the heat treatment is being done, these should either be placed in boxes/bags so that we can easily remove them during the treatment. Please clearly label these "DO NOT HEAT". We will inspect them for Bed Bugs and treat by other means if necessary.

Aerosol Cans

Aerosol Cans





Bottles & Cans

Bottles, Cans
& Medication


Any Wax

Fire Extinguishers



& Vinyl


Live Plants

Fish Tanks

Any fish tanks larger than 10 gallons need to be removed from the property.

Any fish tanks under 10 gallons need to be moved to an approved area in the property.

Things to Avoid

Ensuring 100% Effectiveness

Please do not perform any of the following before we arrive:

  • No Cardboard Boxes - Please do not leave items in corrugated cardboard boxes. Place items in milk crates or open weave laundry baskets.
  • Do Not Remove - Any items of furniture. Moving furniture can increase the risk of spreading the infestation to other rooms. Any large electronic items, heat treatment will not damage televisions or laptops. Do not remove any personal belongings to your car or friend/family's house. Everything could be infested until we have inspected it.
  • Do Not Use - Any over the counter pesticides/insecticides anywhere in the property.
  • Do Not Place - Any clothing in the rubbish, these can all be left in place during the heat treatment.

Things to Prepare

Helping us Eradicate the Pests

We ask customers to perform the following tasks before we arrive:

  • Change of Clothing - Prepare a washed a dried change of clothes to wear the day after the treatment.
  • Leave as Much as Possible - Leave your property with as little as possible, leave purses, backpacks, handbags and briefcases.
  • Loose Items - Place all small items such as shoes, knick knacks, toys, electronics, papers, books, magazines etc. in open weave laundry baskets. All loose items must be off the floor, placed in baskets and moved away from the walls.
  • Away From the Wall - Move all items of furniture at least 12 inches away from the wall in the rooms to be treated. Do not stack items and please drain / deflate any water beds.
  • Clean the Property - All rubbish, pet waste, spoiled food and any unsanitary items must be removed before we arrive.
  • Secure Objects - The air movement of the treatment can blow items so we advise securing anything that could be blown over.

On Heat Treatment Day

Lets Get Off to a Good Start

On the day that we are booked to perform your heat treatment please be prepared to leave the property at the organised time. We need all residents and pets to be out of the property for the duration of the heat treatment.

Please do not leave until we arrive, we can then answer any questions before you go and make sure we are happy with everything in the property.

If you live in a block of flats or building that holds multiple properties, please avoid visiting any other residents or communal areas until the treatment has been completed.

After Heat Treatment

Your Home May Still Be warm

When you return to your property after the heat treatment it may still be warm. You may also notice that items might be out of place or moved, we do this to ensure the the heat treatment is distributed evenly for the best outcome.

You may see some dead bed bugs, we recommend a thorough vacuum of the property following heat treatment.

Following the guidelines set out in this page will help to reduce the disorder caused by properly preparing your property.

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