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Privately owned or rented, residential bed bug control.



For all commercial properties such as hostels and hotels.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Using heat sensor technology monitored via Wifi.

About Us

Extreme Bed Bug Control

We are a family owned and operated bed bug control company that was solely created because of the bed bug nightmares that are occurring world wide.

Bed bug infestations can quickly become a very stressful experience and we understand what each and every one of our customers are going through. We sincerely care about what we do. The most rewarding part of our job is helping people become bed bug or insect free so that they can go on with their lives and put the nightmare behind them.

Extreme Bed Bug Control are a customer focused organisation that is 100% committed to providing you with the best experience possible when it comes to making your home or business a safe and healthy place to live and work. We stand behind our technology and workmanship and guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

When you contact us, you can rest assured you’re placing your trust in the hands of a company who genuinely care. After a close evaluation, we offer upfront, honest pricing so you can make informed decisions about your property.

We also offer heat treatments for other insects such as moths, cockroaches and many more.

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Chemical Free Heat Treatment

Bed Bugs | Moths | Cockroaches & Other Insects

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Our Promise

Extreme Bed Bug Control

We will perform an initial survey of your property so that we can visualise the treatments required.

Following this we put our plan together with recommendations for our clients too gather the correct information for a 100% Bed Bug, Moth or Cockroach eradication guaranteed.

Our Mission

Extreme Bed Bug Control

We ensure you have a complete Bed Bug, Moth, Cockroach etc, free premises with our Extreme Heat Technology.

No insecticides are used with our treatments which makes it completely safe for all the family or staff within the treated areas to return.

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Extreme Bed Bug Control

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Bed Bug Control

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